Thursday, October 23, 2008

Class Action

A typical Wednesday morning. Our teacher, guru, and glorious leader, Andrei, is sharing creative ideas for a new project. Some of us are still working on the mask project which inspired two of us to create masks which were selected for a current juried show at the Plaza Arts Center, in Healdsburg. The next thing we will be doing is to explore incorporating collage into our paintings and drawings and enhancing them with a variety of media. Andrei always manages to get us to stretch our imaginations and discover something we haven't done before.

Huichol #1


Bill's painting

Kate's line painting

Field Trip

Last fall our group took a field trip to the Di Rosa Preserve near Napa.  The place is amazing.  If you have the opportunity to visit, don't miss it.  It is one of the largest private art collections in Northern  California.  We had a wonderful day there.

Marine World Adventure

Martin's painting

Phantom Winery

Marian's painting in colored inks on yupo

Hanging a show at the Cloverdale Library

Bobbie's Spirit of the Fire

Martin's painting in pinks and beiges

Red Sails in the Sunset

Kate's ink on yupo paper

Children of the Hill

Some classroom critique time

This is when we stand around and look at each other's work and offer helpful suggestions to make it a "masterpiece".... an activity also known as the critique.

Sandy's painting


Tiger Eyes

Jan's lighthouse

Frank and Clyde (Frank's the painter)

Some of Bill's art

Houses in Summer